Product Spotlight/Video Demo: Snag Repair Tool

April 7th, 2014

We just finished filming this little demo for one of my most favorite tools, the Snag Repair Tool.

The Snag Repair Tool is *sew* inexpensive and really has saved my day on more than one occasion.  I’ve used it to repair snags in garments (woven and knit), upholstery, draperies, quilts and more.  I’ve used it when quilting (both by hand and by machine) at times when my thread has broken unexpectedly and there wasn’t enough of a tail to pull through with my regular needle…this little guy solves the problem quickly and painlessly.  I’ve used it with hand embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery too.

The snag repair tool is a valuable tool…at very little cost. You can buy the snag repair tool here at SewThankful.  OK.  So, here’s the video:

Easy Reversible Pocket/Purse Tissue Covers

April 6th, 2014

This is not a new project.  I wrote it way back in 2008 and I’ve shared it with eNews subscribers over the years.

However, it makes sense to share it here and now with all our blog readers.

This pattern/project was developed in response to the change in packaging for pocket tissues.  As far back as I remember, pocket tissues packaging had  a slit in the top, center of the package so you could pull your tissue out one at a time. Somewhere around 2008 (may be different for other regions), the design of that packaging changed so the opening was placed on the long SKINNY side.

These covers hold your tissues inside and allow you to access the tissue from the long skinny edge.

Click here for the pdf pattern/project – requires Acrobat Reader

©Tracy L. Chapman & Sew Thankful Inc. January 2008. All rights reserved.

This pattern/project is being provided for FREE.  Use of this project is at will of the user. User assumes all risk. Tracy L. Chapman & Sew Thankful Inc. shall have no liability with respect to loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this project.

Here are a few that I made:

Reversible Travel Tissue Holders

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March 23rd, 2014

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The Ribbon Panel — EZPZ Placemat

March 23rd, 2014

Spring is in the air…sew…I was re-organizing some things and found a bunch of grosgrain ribbon in pretty, Spring-like colors.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to make something.  Here’s what I came up with in like 30 seconds (this is FAST):


How I did it:


I measured 1.25″ in from each outside edge and marked it lightly. Then I cut colored ribbon to desired length. My panel is 15″ x 19″ so I cut two colors 15″ long and two colors 19″ long.


I placed the outside edge of the ribbon along (just barely covering) the lightly marked placement line. Then, I pinned well.

Finally, I top-stitched both long edges of the ribbon.

Whew, that was FAST…and fun.  I love grosgrain ribbon!!!

Now, all I need to do is follow my instructions found in my EZPZ Fast & Fab Reversible Placemats sewing pattern to turn my panel into a professionally finished reversible placemat.

This would be super easy to customize to any dining table or decor…just pick the colors you need. Oh goodness, it doesn’t get much easier!

Sew TracyLee Designs introduces: EZPZ Fast & Fabulous Reversible Placemats sewing pattern

March 17th, 2014



Are you looking for an outstanding pattern to make placemats that FEEL professionally made?  This is the one you want!   Make placemats come out the perfect weight and thickness.  They’re not too puffy and not too wimpy.

EZPZ Fast and Fab Reversible Placemats sewing pattern includes instructions to make 3 styles of reversible placemats (mix or match as you desire). Finished size is approximately 14.5″ x 18.5″.

Placemat Panel Styles include: Plain Jane, Accentual Anna, Strippy Sam




AWESOME Pattern/Design Features:
• FAST—No pattern pieces to trace or cut; use your rotary cutter, ruler and mat to cut your fabrics FAST! Plus, NO BINDING on this project!
• EASY to make—Step-by-step instructions guide you all the way through the construction process. Lots of pictures plus Tracy’s tips and hints help you achieve a professional result.
• REVERSIBLE—Enjoy twice the style in each placemat. Mix and match front and back panel styles.
• FABULOUS—Not too puffy, not too wimpy. These placemats lay smooth and flat with a classic sense of style and grace. Feel the quality of your work… fabulous.

This is a downloadable pattern so you receive it right after you check out of the shopping cart!  YOU SAVE TIME and YOU SAVE MONEY on shipping!

Like to make great gifts for not a lot of money? You probably have everything you need right now.

Unlimited Options! Use this pattern as a teaching tool or use it as a canvas for your own creative style. Practice new techniques and have a useful item to show off when you’re finished.

Want to turn some of your fabric stash into cash? YES—you have permission to SELL finished items using this pattern, no annual limits. NOTE: Our permission applies only to the use of the pattern, not to any fabric company/designer fabric licensing restrictions, where required. For any applicable fabric licensing permissions, you will need contact the specific fabric manufacturer.

Click here for more information on this awesome pattern from Sew TracyLee Designs!