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Holy Super-Sized Spooky Sweetpea!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Giant Sweetpea PodsJust one 18″ square of vinyl mesh and some rick rack, ribbon, an extra long zipper (recommend ByAnnie’s 4yd package) and two zipper pulls will make 2 Spooky-Sweet Treat Pods of Deliciousness. The ones I made (above) have made fun Halloween candy dishes for my desk and coffee table.¬† They’re virtually un-breakable and they pack away easily.

You’ll need to use zipper yardage for these extra big pods.¬† Cut the zipper several inches longer than the longest side of your triangle (see your Sweetpea Pod pattern for basic cutting instructions).

Also keep in mind– if you’re going to swap out the zipper pulls to a different color than your zipper tape–you must be sure to use the SAME BRAND and SAME SIZE pull as the tape. Test your zipper tape and pulls for compatibility BEFORE using in your project.¬† Not all zipper brands will work.

It’s SEW FAST and SUPER EASY to make super-sized vinyl mesh Sweetpea Pods because you omit the interfacing and lining steps.¬† For the zipper pull strings, I used thin strips of recycled bicycle tube, but you could choose to dangle a spider charm from a jump-ring or use almost anything interesting.

If you don’t have the LazyGirl Sweetpea sewing pattern yet, what are you waiting for?!? Get it ON SALE NOW. Click here and order yours today.


JUNE Bag Sewing — Sugar Skull Run Around LOVE

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

LazyGirl Run Around Bag sewing patternYep, I’m just going to be honest. I’ve neglected the SewThankful blog for way too long.

Sew…I’ll try to catch back up by going back through and adding projects I’ve completed and reviewed the last year or so.

This is the Lazy Girl Run Around Bag I sewed for myself in early June 2017.

Living in New Mexico, Day of the Dead is a big deal and over the years I have come to love the celebration. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on and celebrate the lives of those I’ve loved and lost in this life.

SEW…I just have to say, I *loved* every second of sewing this super fun Sugar Skull Run Around Bag. She’s sleek and sweet and fun to wear. Yes, I’m done with carrying heavy “mom bags”…cuz my kids are grown or nearly grown and I’m ready to lighten the load.

I did a couple of change-ups with the zipper…notice two colors of zipper tape and a different color zipper pull? The “extended” pull is braided fabric used to make the bag with frayed/tattered soft end.

The Run Around pattern is super easy and goes together incredibly FAST. Can you say, “Instant GRATIFICATION?”

If you’re looking for a minimalist cross-body bag to carry your essentials and maybe a few small extras, *THIS is the pattern you NEED*.¬† This bag makes great gifts and uses hardly any fabric.

The Run Around Bag is a Lazy Girl Designs sewing pattern is ON SALE NOW at SewThankful:


Half & Half Apron – Sewn Samples – Project Kits

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

This week I was busy sewing samples and making up kits for the Half & Half Apron project sheet (instructions by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company).

I’ve got to say I LOVE this little apron pattern/project.¬† It works up so easily and so quickly and the results are fantastic.¬† All the seams are finished and quite professional looking.¬† The pocket is fantastic–though it blends in with the apron body so you need to look closely. You could add lovely monogramming or other cool embroidery to the pocket very easily before stitching on the apron.

Here are the samples I’ve sewn so far:


Half & Half Fandingo Dark Pink/Orange apron sample

Fandingo Pink Floral

Half & Half Apron Fandingo Pink Floral sample

Tracy’s Review & Tips

1. The Half & Half Apron project sheet is very well thought out, nicely illustrated and very easy to follow step-by-step.

2. Unfortunately, there is no specified seam allowance on this project.¬† I used a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout and it worked perfectly.

The only place that might require a slightly deeper seam allowance is at the waistband since gathers are used and it may be tricky for beginners to deal with “gathering lines of stitching” that close to the fabric edge and stay within a 1/4″ total seam allowance. If you need to go a wee bit deeper than 1/4″ when sewing on the waistband, the project will still come out very nice.

3.¬† For those who do not know how to do “gathers” there is no instruction on how to perform that technique.¬† There is one illustration that gives you some clues.

Here is how I prepared my gathers: I make two parallel lines of long machine basting stitches very close to the edge of the fabric.  On one end of the lines of stitching, I find the bottom thread tails for each line of stitching and pull gently.  This creates a ruffling effect and you can slide the fabric gently to spread the gathers evenly to the center of the apron.  Repeat  on the other side until gathered fabric is even across the project and project dimensions are correct.

4. After I finished the apron instructions, I added top stitching to the waistband and ties — all the way around.¬† You could use decorative top stitching for an even fancier result.¬† The reason I added the stitching to the waistband and ties is that I know it will help keep the ties flat when I wash the apron in the future.¬† Without stitching, the ties are likely to “tube up” and twist in the washer and dryer making it more difficult to press flat.¬† Top stitching also adds more durability and a nicer overall finish to the ties.

These kits make gift making go sew much faster!¬† And…once you’ve made one, I bet you’ll be burning through your stash whipping up even more great combinations.

Kits also make FANTASTIC gift giving ideas for fellow quilters or sewing enthusiasts…since this particular kit includes the fabric and the project sheet of instructions, all the recipient needs to get started are rotary cutting supplies, thread and a sewing machine.¬† What quilter doesn’t already have an ample supply of those tools?

Making Cupcakes…Oven Mitts, that is!

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Check out these adorable cupcake oven mitts I made using the Susie C. Shore pattern Hot Cakes! pattern.

What a FUN pattern and unique gift making project.

For those interested, a limited number of fabric kits are available.

Vintage Lime Cupcake -- Sorry...this kit is SOLD OUT and no longer available

Purple Passion Cupcake Hot Mitt

Purple Passion Cupcake -- Sorry...this kit is SOLD OUT and no longer available

Choco Buttercream Cupcake -- Sorry...this kit is SOLD OUT and no longer available

Island Breeze Cupcake -- click image to see fabric kit

Strawberry Ecstacy Cupcake -- Sorry...this kit is SOLD OUT and no longer available

Tracy’s Tips:

I did make a few minor changes/deviations from the pattern.

Because of the bulk and layers of this project, I used the following method for preparing to turn the shapes right side out:

When trimming (after stitching the shapes as directed by the pattern), I clipped a larger than specified seam allowance around the “turning opening” only.

After I finished trimming (but before turning), I pressed the seam allowances at the “turning opening” open.¬† I allowed the seam allowance to cool completely and then I turned the shapes right side out and stitched the opening shut approximately 1/8th inch from the edge.

The pattern does not say to do this as far as I can tell. I imagine that is because the openings will get stitched shut by the topstitching at the very end.  However, I prefer to have the openings stitched shut before doing the topstitching thereby eliminating the possibility that bulkiness in the seams might cause the fabrics to slide and not catch all the layers in the opening.

Instead of quilting straight lines on the base layer, I quilted freehand wavy lines. I just like the whimsical look of wavy lines much better than straight lines. For me, that takes the ‘perfection’ factor out of the equation and multiplies it by fun¬≤.

Seriously though, these go together very quickly and they are so cute.¬† You can bet I’ll be making several sets for holiday gifts this year. This pattern is at the top of my go-to list for gift making.¬† I love having extra items made up for those situations where you want/need a fast hostess gift, etc.

Sew cute!  Sew fun!  And so useful in the kitchen.

Cats Amore Lily Pocket Purse

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Yesterday I finished sewing my first Lazy Girl Lily Pocket Purse.  I just love this sweet girl.

She went together very nicely with no construction problems whatsoever!¬† Once again, Joan Hawley has outdone herself and served all her Lazy fans a special treat.¬† Lily makes a fantastic wardrobe accessory and she’s so easy to make, you’ll want to have several.

I LOVE, love, love the long strap that I chose (you might want to choose a shorter strap) because I like wearing my purse across the body so my hands can remain free.

Here is my first Lily — I have plans to make a 2nd soon (a Pepper Lily)

I was hurrying to take pics this morning and had difficulty with lighting (not enough natural light available yet). The fabrics do have a golden glow feeling, but not quite as golden as some of the pics may appear.

Lily Hanging up

Full view of Lily and her long strap. Lily is 'open' here -- notice the velcro closure on the inner top band.

Lily Close Up - Front

Close up of Lily's front side.

Close up of Lily's back side

Close up view of Lily's back side. My cell phone is tucked in the small exterior pocket and my pen is ready to grab whenever I need it.

A view inside Lily

A look inside Lily.

The fabrics I used to make this Lily were from the Benartex Cats Amore line .