Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper back in stock and ON SALE NOW!

Carol Doak's Foundation Paper

Discover easy paper piecing with Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper!

Use it in most inkjet or laser printers or copy machines with no shrinking, curling, or turning brittle! Paper holds up beautifully during stitching; tears away easily when you’re done

What makes Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper different?
It is lightweight so it won’t create bulk when you join sections
It is absorbent so there is less ink transfer where you don’t want it
It is non-coated so fabric won’t slip on it

Tips for Easy Use:

When using a photocopier, inkjet or laser printer: Fill paper tray with Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper and print or copy your pattern. You may also hand-feed single sheets.
When tracing: Lay a sheet of Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper over pattern in book or magazine and place both over a light source. Trace with a fine-point permanent marker. A photocopy of the pattern is easier to handle than the actual book or magazine – just make sure the copy is exactly the same size as the pattern.

When pressing the printed patterns: Use a dry iron on a cotton setting and a press cloth on your ironing board cover to protect it from excess ink.

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