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Holy Super-Sized Spooky Sweetpea!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Giant Sweetpea PodsJust one 18″ square of vinyl mesh and some rick rack, ribbon, an extra long zipper (recommend ByAnnie’s 4yd package) and two zipper pulls will make 2 Spooky-Sweet Treat Pods of Deliciousness. The ones I made (above) have made fun Halloween candy dishes for my desk and coffee table.¬† They’re virtually un-breakable and they pack away easily.

You’ll need to use zipper yardage for these extra big pods.¬† Cut the zipper several inches longer than the longest side of your triangle (see your Sweetpea Pod pattern for basic cutting instructions).

Also keep in mind– if you’re going to swap out the zipper pulls to a different color than your zipper tape–you must be sure to use the SAME BRAND and SAME SIZE pull as the tape. Test your zipper tape and pulls for compatibility BEFORE using in your project.¬† Not all zipper brands will work.

It’s SEW FAST and SUPER EASY to make super-sized vinyl mesh Sweetpea Pods because you omit the interfacing and lining steps.¬† For the zipper pull strings, I used thin strips of recycled bicycle tube, but you could choose to dangle a spider charm from a jump-ring or use almost anything interesting.

If you don’t have the LazyGirl Sweetpea sewing pattern yet, what are you waiting for?!? Get it ON SALE NOW. Click here and order yours today.


Gifty Tags: Quick & Cute Gift Card Holders and Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Last year I had SO much fun whipping up these adorable Gifty Tags that I need to get busy and have a new slew of finished tags and card holders on hand:

Using mere scraps of leftover fabric, some thread, some Stiff Stuff and some buttons, I created colorful ornaments and gift card holders using the Lazy Girl Designs Gifty Card Holder sewing pattern, ON SALE NOW at SewThankful, click here to order yours.¬† You could use this style as a package gift tag as well. And the recipient of the gift can recycle it for future giving…it’s like a 2fer.

NOTE:  Stiff Stuff is currently sold out and unavailable from the manufacturer.  They expect to have it available again in mid-late October this year (2017).  I suggest substituting Soft & Stable until Stiff Stuff becomes available again.




Make an easy and accurate template!

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

I am frequently asked how I make templates for projects.¬† I’ve tried many methods over the years, but the one that works best for me and is absolutely the fastest, easiest and most accurate (in my opinion) is this:

1.  Always protect the original pattern/template piece.  Make a photocopy of your original template piece (make sure it is 100% the original size).

2. Use your favorite adhesive (i.e., I use regular school gluestick or fabric fix spray adhesive) and lightly but thoroughly coat the RIGHT side of the paper template.  Be sure not to over saturate or distort the paper.

3. Place a piece of Quilters Vinyl  or Collins Template Vinyl on top of the paper template (adhesive side to the vinyl).  The Quilters Vinyl should be slightly larger than the template piece(s). Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

Quilters Vinyl

Collins Template Vinyl Sheets

  • Collins Template Vinyl is available at SewThankful in a package of six¬† 8.5″ x 11″ Sheets.¬† I ****LOVE**** to use these sheets when I’m making templates that take up the majority of an 8.5″ x 11″ page.

4. Allow adhesive to dry a few moments.¬† Check to make sure you’ve got a good adhesion of paper to vinyl.¬† If needed, add a little more glue or spray around any loose edges and allow to dry.

5. Carefully cut out template piece on the lines using nice, clean, sharp scissors so you have smooth edges.¬† Oh…did I mention?¬† Quilters Vinyl and Collins Vinyl are SO EASY to cut.¬† It’s like buttah baby…uh huh!

VOILA!¬† You have a FABULOUS template ready for tracing.¬† It’s perfectly cut and labeled with all the markings because you are using the actual paper template :-).¬† Template making joy…YES!

Paintstik Tip…from Cedar Canyon Textiles Blog

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I was just surfing the web and I’ve gotta share a fantastic tip for Shiva Paintstik users that I found on the Cedar Canyon Textiles blog.

  • Use a Potato Peeler to peel back the skin on the Paintstik – just peel back the skin from about 1/3 – 1/2 of one end the stik.¬† Use the exposed portion for rubbing and the “skinned” portion to hold on to without getting your fingers so messy.

Click here to read more (picture included) on the Cedar Canyon Textiles Blog.

SAVE on Shiva Paintstiks, accessories, threads & more at Sew Thankful.

SewThankful Coil Zipper Tip #2 – Selecting Zipper Length

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Go BIG — bigger really is better in this case.¬† When sewing a zipper into a closed application, such as a tote, it is extremely helpful to select a zipper size that is 3 – 5 inches longer than the fabric edges it is being sewn on to.

Why? Because, when you select a longer zipper length, you can move the zipper pull past the seam line so it does not interfere with your presser foot.

After attaching both edges of the zipper tape, when you sew the side seam lines of the bag, you will simply slide the zipper pull into the middle of the zipper, sew both side seams, then trim off the extra zipper length at the seam allowance.