Large, X-Large and OMG

3 of the 2 Dozen Eggs I Collected on 4/18/2020

Sometimes you just gotta chuckle and say, “WOW!”

When I found the light blue-green egg (above right) I was astonished to say the least!

We have a couple of chickens that have laid jumbo size eggs before but they were Leghorn (white eggs) and AustraWhite (cream eggs). This was the first time I had one this ENORMOUS and it is a light blue-green shell so it has to be from one of my Easter Eggers or Americaunas is responsible. I have 7 of them combined.

Although I can’t be 100% certain (I didn’t see it happen) it is most likely from one of these 3 Easter Egger suspects:

This is Blue
This is Goldy
This is Splashy

Whichever hen is responsible, I sincerely thank her for the impressive generosity and hope it wasn’t too painful.

YES, it most likely is a double yolk egg. I’ll let you know when we crack it open.

UPDATE 4/26/2020 — Oh dear, I forgot to take a picture when I cracked open the egg (I was hungry, what can I say…so sorry). This gi-normous egg was indeed a double-yolker. In fact both of the yolks were also of the X-Large variety. And it was YUM…incredibly delicious.

If you don’t–or can’t–raise your own chickens for fresh eggs, I encourage you to find a local, small, independent farmer and try some. I just want to point out that supporting small, independent, local farms helps keep local food sources available on a meaningful scale to your community. Remember the toilet paper fiasco? We can actually survive without toilet paper even if it wouldn’t be pretty. But we can’t so quite so long without food if things ever got worse. NO! I’m NOT saying that I think things will get worse soon. I’m just saying that as long-term strategies go, it’s a pretty smart idea to have thriving local, independent farmers. They actually do care about the communities they serve.