Are you “IN” for the Jaybird Quilts Journey to Nebula?

Have you heard? Are you IN?

First things first. What is Nebula?

Nebula is a super GORGEOUS Block of the Month Quilt pattern/program from Jaybird Quilts that is due to be released in 2021.

Sew…what’s the Journey to Nebula?

I’m so glad you asked.

Journey to Nebula is a FREE sew along program* hosted by Jaybird Quilts pattern designer, Julie Herman. This sew along is designed specifically to prepare you for the upcoming Nebula Block of the Month pattern in 2021 (Nebula is pictured above/left).

*NOTE: Other than the cost of the rulers, patterns, and materials, there is no additional cost to sign up or participate in Jaybird’s Journey to Nebula sew along.

WHY should you do this? Because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to sew along and learn with Julie. PLUS!!!! Jaybird is also offering Plus! ++ Exclusive bonus content for everyone that signs up. But you’ve got to sign up (scroll to bottom of this post for the link to sign up information).

If you haven’t signed up already, you’ll need to sign up. The link to Jaybird’s blog post with sign up instructions can be found at the bottom of this past).

You’ll also want to follow along on Instagram at @journey2nebula, and use the #journey2nebula to share your posts with Jaybird Quilts and be featured in the @journey2nebula posts.

What’s this all about?

As the anticipation grows for the arrival of the Jaybird Quilts Nebula Block of the Month quilt Julie wants to help you use the time to get comfortable with the tools and techniques that you’ll put to work making Nebula in 2021.

Yes, SEW Along With Jaybird Julie…from your home!

That’s right you’ll sew together with Julie through the end of 2020 using a series of tutorials and patterns to get you prepared for Nebula. The goal is to help you familiarize yourself with using the Hex N More & Super Sidekick (or Sidekick) rulers, cutting, & piecing shapes from the rulers. On the Journey to Nebula, Julie will help you work through specially selected small, approachable patterns so that when Nebula hits quilt shops in 2021 you are totally ready to get into it.

BUILD YOUR SKILLS and have a blast during Julie’s Journey to Nebula sew along! Julie’s dedicating two weeks to each skill building pattern.

What’s even better? Other than the cost of the rulers, patterns, and materials, there is no additional cost to sign up or participate in Jaybird’s Journey to Nebula sew along.

If you don’t have the required Journey to Nebula patterns yet…

We are offering a special Pre-Launch Party Pack (image above) that includes all 6 of the patterns you’ll use on the Journey To Nebula sew along with Julie. You can grab all 6 patterns at a special PRE-ORDER price with just one click.

NOTE: Pre-Launch Party Pack Price is valid 8/9/2020 – 8/15/2020. Estimated shipping date is 8/24/2020.

If you need just one or two of the patterns and/or the rulers, click here to select the individual items you need.

Additional NOTE: IF you don’t have the rulers and/or you don’t want to buy the rulers, template images are included in all of the selected patterns (and in the upcoming Nebula BOM so you can make your own) BUT… the rulers will make it SO much easier and yes, they are totally worth it! Jaybird rulers are not one-hit wonders. There are MANY patterns that use Hex N More, Super Sidekick (or Sidekick).

SEW…are you “IN”?

Click here to read more of the specifics on Jaybird’s Journey to Nebula program as well as a detailed schedule.

Click the image below to go to the program sign up form — you can also find the link on the program details page linked above.