Make 2 – Give 2 With Love Totes from Lazy Girl Designs


September is National Sewing Month! Celebrate by sewing up some fun with non-sewing or new-to-sewing friends.

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs has issued a “Make 2 – Give 2” With Love Totes CHALLENGE to her Lazy Girl Yahoo Group.  What’s a With Love Tote?  The With Love Tote pattern is a a Lazy Girl Designs free pattern for a fast & fun 1 yard/1hour tote bag project.

What’s this all about? You can read all about Joan’s Challenge and you can download a PDF file of the pattern by visiting Joan’s blog, click here (scroll down until you see the link).

I am proud to say that I am a Lazy Girl and I’ve taken Joan’s challenge!  Yesterday I made 4 bags–2 each two new friends (one is a beginner/occasional sew-er, the other does not sew).  Want to see the bags I made?
I did make a couple changes (of course–I can’t seem to do anything without making some kind of change):

  • I used 1″ cotton webbing for the handles.  I like the sturdiness of the cotton webbing and they helped the pattern go together even faster.
  • I made 2 of the bags a different size than the pattern specifies.  It was easy to change the size; just use the same technique.  The blue bags are approximately 10″ wide by 21″ long.

What could the long bags be used for?

  • They are perfect for carrying a bottle of wine and a French Baguette and a couple other items.
  • They would also be a great way to gift-wrap a long/tall box or package.
  • This size would be a great size for Trick-or-Treating (long enough to prevent spills). They are light weight and sturdy! Just choose a Halloween Fabric and the kids will love them!
  • Use your imagination!
I love these bags so much I need to make some for ME!!  Perfect shopping bags (go green–carry your own). They fold up so nicely you can tuck them into your purse and/or glove compartment so you never have to “forget” again.

Joan’s patterns are very easy to follow…just read and follow the instructions and you will have a bag you like and can truly use!  This pattern was the same.  I am very pleased with my results and enjoyed sewing the project.

OH YEAH…it’s a great way to use up some of that stash that’s been building up!

Whether you are a newbie sew-er or an old pro, you can join in the fun and inspire others to give sewing a try.  Check out Joan’s blog and consider taking her challenge. Click here.

Great pattern, great idea Joan!!!  Thank you sew much for sharing your talents.

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2 Responses to “Make 2 – Give 2 With Love Totes from Lazy Girl Designs”

  1. Tracy Chapman says:

    Thanks Joan!

    I gave the With Love Totes to my new friends today and it’s hard to explain how excited they were that someone thought of making something for them. Oh yes…and there is interest in getting together to learn how to sew more for themselves and their friends. I feel so good about this experience I’m going to make some more With Love Totes (as part of the Challenge) for my boys’ teachers.

    I hope everybody considers joining your challenge. It’s fun to make the totes and it’s a lot of fun to give them away…but it’s even more fun when you see someone sparkle with interest in learning how to sew.

    Thank you for the great design and for the Challenge!

    Hugs, Tracy

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Your With Love Totes turned out great!

    Thanks for joining in the fun of the Make2/Give2 event.

    Lazy Girl

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