Just in time for Halloween…

While we were out and about last Sunday we were treated to a fairly rare glimpse:

Tarantula siting - Pase Del Volcan
Tarantula siting - near Paseo Del Volcan/Unser in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

He was in the process of crossing the road when we drove past.  Jeff pulled over and snapped the pics for me.  The boys were going wild in the car…thrilled with excitement at seeing a tarantula “in the wild”.

This fury critter was about 4″ in diameter (including legs).

Awww...isn't he cute?

Why did the tarantula cross the road?
Why did the tarantula cross the road?

12 thoughts on “Just in time for Halloween…”

  1. I live in AZ. We used to get thousands of them when they were migrating. Now only a few but right now the buzzards are migrating. Last night had between 36 to 48 perched in our large trees for the night.

  2. Would Arlene be considered an Arachnophile? (spider lover?) We saw one in Arkansas that was big enough to push a door back and forth. At least it was some kind of huge spider, not necessarliy a Tanantula and I didn’t get near enough to look closely.

    Mary in Denver

  3. Cool pictures! I had my first opportunity about 2 weeks ago to hold a live tarantula, courtesy of a co-worker who works with exotic pets. She wasn’t fully grown, but was still quite large. I was prepared to be creeped out, but was instead surprised at how soft and gentle she felt! I fell in love…. Cathy

  4. ’tis the season when the males are coming out in full force looking for their mates. I am so glad you posted the photos as it is nice to see a brown one. I think hey have more character than the black ones. We have a black one on our rocky slope outside our back door.
    Greetings from North Central AZ mountains.

  5. Hi Kay. I just checked again and the audio is working. If you aren’t hearing it, you need to check your computer/speaker/volume settings. Perhaps a connection got un-plugged or the mute button was clicked? It’s happened to me before, but these videos were made by Clover (not SewThankful) and I can verify that the sound is working. If you can’t get it working on your computer and you still want to listen, please try a different computer (friend, neighbor, library). Hope you can hear it soon. Hugs & smiles from New Mexico…………Tracy

  6. Why did this tarantula cross the road?

    He’d been practising his scariest posses, hoping somebody like Jeff would come along to take his photo!

    Arlene (spider enthusiast)

  7. We had a pet tarantula for 10 years. Her name was “fang”. She was the most gentle pet. Huge and hairy. They are no danger unless you are smaller than them and get bitten or if you are allergic to their venom and react as someone would with a bee sting. They are not aggressive and will only bite if they are frightened. Usually, they will just ‘freeze’ till you go away, if they don’t want you around. This one looks so much like our ‘fang’. I am so glad you didn’t squish this animal. So many people freak out and get that impulse to kill.

  8. Oh, Tracy! I love these photos! I have lived in the country all my life and have only seen one tarantula in the wild. Actually he was in my horse barn hallway climbing up a wall. Pretty cool and unbelievable large!

    My kids would be going crazy also…except the 13 year old and he would be screaming like a girl….LOL. The 4-year-old twins would be asking if they could pick him up!


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