Jared & Jacob costumes 2009

This year the boys told me they wanted to be characters from Naruto (a Japanese cartoon series) I was a little flustered.  We looked for ‘commercial’ costumes and those we found were quite costly and unimpressive (according to the boys).

You know what that means.  Time for me to put on my costumer hat and get busy. Thankfully, I was able to google some images for Naruto and Sasuke.

Here is what I came up with:

Jared and Jacob costumes 2009

Jared and Jacob costumes 2009

Thankfully, the “look” of the characters made it easy — sweats as a base layer would work pretty well.  No problem there with Jared’s Sasuke costume in dark navy and gray — navy and gray sweats are readily available.  Jacob’s Naruto character was a little more tricky.  I couldn’t find orange sweats (or white ones in his size) anywhere so I did what my grandmother taught me to do: use what I have.

I purchased gray sweat top & bottom and turned them inside out. The inside is fuzzy white.  Then I got out my Tsukineko Ink (tangerine) and painted the inside orange using a sponge brush.  A couple bottles of ink later, we had orange sweats!

For the royal blue trim (on both costumes), we used colored duct tape (Duck brand).  The cream colored neck roll was constructed out of batting and secured with the duct tape. Duct tape sticks nicely to fabric and removes easily when you are finished.

For the headbands, I used leftover scraps of a tone-on-tone mottled dark blue fabric. Then I took scraps of Shape-Flex and painted them a metallic silver color using Shiva Paintstiks.  After heat-setting (simultaneously fusing the Shape-Flex pieces to the blue strips), I took out my black Fabrico marker and free-handed the emblem.

To finish it off, each boy received a quick spray of temporary hair color (black for Jared; gold for Jacob); and Jacob’s cheek stripes were applied (just a bit of eye-liner).

Both boys were thrilled with their finished costumes and totally got “into” their characters.  To keep them toasty, each wore a pair of long underwear under the costumes. They stayed comfy warm the entire time they were out hunting treats.

I had a blast putting it together for them.  It was a great feeling to be able to use some of my “stash” fabric/art supplies in a fun way for my guys.  The benefits were many:

  • I saved a LOT of money money compared to $40-$100+ per flimsy commercial costume,
    • Including the new sweat tops & bottoms, colored duct tape, and hair spray color I spent approximately $30.00.
    • My art supplies came from my stash, but *if* I would have had to buy new ones, they would have cost less than $25.00 retail, bringing the grand total to $55.00 for TWO great costumes.
  • We have GREAT memories AND we still have something of practical use — they both have a new pair of sweats to wear for play over the cold winter months
  • I got to be a hero at least for a day or two–they think I can work magic when it comes to making cool costumes.

I’ll let them believe that a little while longer.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Dear Tracy,

    You are such a clever girl, using what you have!! (Hope you don’t mind “girl” – at 50+, I still feel like one sometimes on the inside, if not on the outside! But I digress…) What great use you made of the cool art supplies you sell, like Tsukineko inks. You are an inspiration! I love that you used those products – and reminded me that I actually own some of those products, which I’ve never tried (due to health and time limitations) but to make note to self, try those someday, when I’m feeling better!! I used to “wing it” with oddball uses of the many art supplies I own too, and how fun it was to read about you doing that with your boys’ costumes! Being someone(s)’ hero is always a good thing! Thanks for sharing your fun story. Thanks again also for the positive, inspiring messages and thoughts you brighten our days with – and your cool artist products!! Sandy

  2. Chris says:

    Your costumes looked GREAT & you did a nice job for the boys! Although I had never heard of these characters in our neck of the northwoods in upper WI where we had snow on sat morning. I have 6 grandkids & they were, Dr. Blood, Power Ranger, dalmation pupper dog,gorilla, Thomas The Tank & a wee small little flower (Jenna 4 mos old). I really enjoy your site & you have a lot to offer. Keep up with all of the new things you get in & your blog.
    Happy quilting, sewing & peace

  3. Gari says:

    I am really impressed with how creative you were with the costumes, too. And the kids look great!

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