Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2011

My dear husband, Jeff, recently decided to take up road bicycling with me so we could experience some wonderful adventures together.  I have done a fair amount of bicycle riding, but I’ve never seen the balloons by bike.  So…

This morning we took  a nice 14 mile ride and here are a few pics:

Hot Air Balloon Deflating 

Balloons Galore

Jeff...and hot air balloons in the background

Jeff on his bike

It’s really amazing to see so many balloons in the air all at once. It still excites me after more than 15 years of seeing it and being around them.  I have to say that seeing them by bike was even more incredible than I thought it would be. It’s hard to explain the glorious, peaceful, graceful beauty…just makes me happy to be alive and celebrate life.

My plan is to get more close ups of the balloons this week.  Let’s all pray for continued good weather so the balloons can launch, everybody can stay safe and I can hopefully get some great pics to share.

9 thoughts on “Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2011”

  1. We live across the street from the field where they have the Plano (TX) Ballon Festival. This year the only launch was Friday morning by the sponsoring balloons, before the opening to advertise the festival. The 5 scheduled launches were clouded out. We did get our only rain for the month that weekend. Out festival is much smaller, around 25 to 30 balloons. When we lived in Santa Fe, we would often see a balloon take off across the road from our house. We never did make it to the Albuquerque Festival. Maybe some day.

  2. Tracy, I always look forward to seeing your pictures of the balloons. I enjoy your newsletter so much, and like looking thru the patterns and supplies you have. Thanks for all the hard work, Sharon

  3. I was fortunate enough to attend the Balloon Fiesta four years ago. Trying to describe the mass ascension is like trying to describe a redwood forest. You just have to be there. To use a much overused word, it was awesome! And yes, the sky really is that blue. We hope we can be there again some day.

  4. Tracy and Jeff, We traveled to NM in June from Junction City, OR. Quite a long trek. We visited Rio Rancho and Albuquerque while on vacation. I did think of you. Frank’s sister and niece live there. Albuquerque is nicely laid out. Old Town was a fun visit. I do remember the dust-there was a lot of wind for a couple of the days. Then it cleared up and was really nice.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures. I always enjoy your pictures and descriptions.

  5. We left Albuquerque 28 years ago and this is the first time we’ve been back since then. We’ ve really enjoyed seeing how much everything has grown up! The weather is perfect. We even got to ride in a balloon- our first time and it was awesome! You have a beautiful city and the Balloon Fiesta is really neat!

  6. You’re an amazing person, Tracy, always so positive and you seem to enjoy many things. It’s a great way to be.

  7. What a blessing to have shared such a beautiful day with your husband. Simple experiences offer fantastic memories.

  8. Hi, What wonderful pictures of the balloons. I envy you living there. I hope your weather continues through the week. We have attended the festival twice and the 1st time was outstanding and the box continued all week. The following year was a large disappointment but I will always remember the good year. Once in awhile we get balloonists here in Bend but not as often as we once did. Best wishes for a good week. And thank you for a wonderful web sight. M

  9. Beautiful pictures and great that you two will be riding together. But I’m more excited that you will be seeing your daughter in Houston. How wonderful that she is “home” safe. Prayers have been answered. Enjoy all of your family. And thanx for the wonderful encouraging website and newsletters. They really do provide an uplift.

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