Easy Reversible Pocket/Purse Tissue Covers

This is not a new project.¬† I wrote it way back in 2008 and I’ve shared it with eNews subscribers over the years.

However, it makes sense to share it here and now with all our blog readers.

This pattern/project was developed in response to the change in packaging for pocket tissues.  As far back as I remember, pocket tissues packaging had  a slit in the top, center of the package so you could pull your tissue out one at a time. Somewhere around 2008 (may be different for other regions), the design of that packaging changed so the opening was placed on the long SKINNY side.

These covers hold your tissues inside and allow you to access the tissue from the long skinny edge.

Click here for the pdf pattern/project – requires Acrobat Reader

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Here are a few that I made:

Reversible Travel Tissue Holders

5 Responses to “Easy Reversible Pocket/Purse Tissue Covers”

  1. I must not forget to thank you!

    Claudette Ottawa,Canada

  2. I have been looking for some ideas for a tissue bag. Your pattern will be used for gifts to women attending a spiritual retreat this Autumn in Vermont. It comes just in time as one of the spiritual leaders is coming for a visit to our home next week.
    Claudette Ottawa, Canada.

  3. QuiltinKat says:

    Thank you for your free patterns and cheerful posts!

  4. Debra Poe says:

    This is a great idea and definitely helps the new tissue packages!

  5. Linda King says:

    Thank you for the Tissue Holder Pattern, it will definitely be a nice gift to give to my granddaughters.

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