Pattern Review: LazyGirl Checkbook Cover

I’ve been so busy with new products, running the business and family that I haven’t had any real sewing time for quite a while.  So, last week I put myself on the calendar.  I made an appointment for me to sew on Sunday.  Sounds silly?  Yes, maybe it does…BUT…it worked!

I picked a small project  pattern, marked out a block of time here’s what I’ve got to show for it: FOUR fantastic new checkbook covers made using the LazyGirl Checkbook Cover pattern – I made two of the top (blue) checkbook covers.

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LazyGirl Checkbook Cover #1 & #2 - Blue


LazyGirl Checkbook Cover #3 - Tan


LazyGirl Checkbook Cover #4 - Purple

This pattern offers two options:

  1. A pieced block cover
  2. Plain fabric cover

I decided I was feeling “really” Lazy so I went for the plain fabric cover version on all 4.

First things first…my own personal rule #1 is ONLY SEW ONE! Having learned from expensive and painful mistakes in the past, whenever I sew any “new-to-me” pattern–no matter how simple it looks–I will only allow myself to sew ONE the first time I sew it.  This rule may sound boring, slow and restrictive but it actually allows me the opportunity to concentrate on the pattern more closely and *if* I make a mistake or if I mis-read or mis-interpret a pattern, I will have that issue with ONE.  Additionally, while sewing the first one, I may decide that I want to change the pattern just a bit to be more customized to my needs or style.  Sewing only one (of whatever it is) allows me the opportunity to evaluate and make better decisions.  The first one is the investment that pays off with big rewards for all that come after!

Now for my review of the pattern… The LazyGirl Checkbook Cover pattern is a super SWEET and easy pattern for a making fabulous looking fabric checkbook cover.

LazyGirl Checkbook Cover pattern

LazyGirl Checkbook Cover pattern

Seriously, the hardest part for me was deciding which fabrics to use.    Since the finished checkbook cover is NOT quilted–and especially if you choose the plain fabric version–it goes together SUPER fast.  My first one took under an hour.  After that, I was able to sew the 3 others in under an hour.  The pieced version would take just a wee bit more time, but certainly would not be difficult as long as you follow Joan’s instructions.

TIP: Always read through the complete pattern before cutting any materials.  If you’ve never used a LazyGirl pattern before, you’re in for a treat.  Designer, Joan Hawley writes excellent instruction, but you need to be certain you are setting aside your own projections or ideas of how you think the pattern should go together and simply follow exactly what Joan says to do.  If you follow her instructions and picture guides, you will end up with a nicely finished product.

Did I make any changes? I loved how my first checkbook cover turned out, but it felt a little too squishy to me. This is a personal preference thing, not anything “visible”.  I decided that  I wanted to add a little more firmness on the others so I did make one small change.  I fused a piece of decor bond to my cover fabric and proceeded with all the remaining instructions as listed.   I thought I might have more difficulty “turning” the project, but by carefully clipping my corners and grading the seams it worked very nicely.

Want to see the insides?


Inside the blue checkbook cover.


Inside the tan checkbook cover.

Inside the purple checkbook cover.

Inside the purple checkbook cover.

If you’re looking for a checkbook pattern so you can accessorize with your favorite purses or handbag–or if you want to make a slew of gifts to give to friends this year (idea: use novelty fabrics that match your friend’s personality or style)–consider the LazyGirl Checkbook Cover pattern.  It’s fast, easy and produces a very nice finished product.

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7 Responses to “Pattern Review: LazyGirl Checkbook Cover”

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you Karen!

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi Linda! Great question. Joan has a very good solution for this. As noted on the pattern back (you can see it here: ) she suggests to cut a check-size piece of template plastic, tucking it between checks as you write them. 🙂

  3. Linda Ramage says:

    What can I do if my checkbook has duplicates?

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  5. Debbie says:

    having made 2 of these, I agree with you. They are very simple if you read thru the directions first. Everyone loves my checkbook cover and I like the way you scheduled time for yourself – personal sewing against work sewing.
    Love your newsletters.

  6. Karen H. Bolinger says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Love the checkbook covers. Great job! I agree with you with the new patterns – try one first – it does save a lot of grief later. lol

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.


  7. pilar vicent colina says:

    It looks like to my me a very good idea

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