Quilted Sea Turtle Pillow — July 2017

Scrappy Sea Turtle Pillow — original design and copyright Tracy Lee Chapman
and SewThankful Inc./SewThankful.com, July 2017.  All rights reserved.

This is the Scrappy Sea Turtle Pillow I designed and made as a gift for a very dear friend. She listens without being judgmental, she encourages without being critical, but she also tells it like it is. She is the best kind of friend and she’s made a wonderful difference in my life so I wanted her to have something special to know that she’s important and cared for.  She adores Sea Turtles–and purple & blue are her favorite colors.

At first I was going to make this as a wall hanging. Then I decided to make it into a pillow instead so my friend can display it easily wherever she wants and it’s hug-able. Making the quilted turtle as a pillow sham (with a custom shredded gel-foam pillow insert) also keeps the quilted turtle sham easy to wash and dry.

This is my own original design, entirely from scratch. Where did I get the turtle image? I looked at many sea turtle images and sketched my own. Then I challenged myself to use only fabrics, threads and items from my own personal stash–no buying anything new.

First the turtle was outlined with a hand sewn big stitch using rayon perle from my personal stash.

I used raw edge fusible applique (using Sew Lazy Fusi-Bond http://www.sewthankful.com/Sew_Lazy_Fusi_Bond_Lite_Sew_Lazy_SLG101.html) to place the pieces of the turtle body & shell.

Microquilter Thread


Each piece is freemotion quilted using Superior Microquilter thread (http://www.sewthankful.com/superior-sewing-threads-microquilter.html).

Rainbows Thread

Then I added wavy quilting lines (to give the feel of water) using Superior Rainbows Thread (I used #831 Mediterranean – http://www.sewthankful.com/Superior-Thread-Rainbows.html ).


The scrappy binding was made from random small scraps of fabric used to make the turtle.

The finished dimensions of the pillow are approximately 27 inches x 20 inches.

I love how this sea turtle turned out. Even better, my friend was thrilled and loves it too.
Yes, a pattern is being developed…stay tuned.













14 Responses to “Quilted Sea Turtle Pillow — July 2017”

  1. Linda Liddiard says:

    What a beautiful set of colors! I love it and you did a great job! I will certainly order the pattern as soon as you advertise it! I live by the ocean and it will be perfect. You are so right about good friends. I am thankful every day for mine!

  2. Cindy Cooke says:

    This little guy needs to come and visit! My grandson is nuts about turtles, and I’m sure this pillow wlll go to the top of his want list. Too cute!

  3. Susie Mackenberg says:

    Very cool! So impressed when a fellow sewest creates an original for a special friend and then to have it come out so nice, bravo!!😊

  4. Sharon says:

    Can’t wait for a pattern/kit to be available.

  5. Nice, but have you any other animals you would do, cat dog chicken , a rooster would look fantastic

  6. Heidi says:

    This is very pretty indeed, you did a great job, and what a lucky friend you have in her, and she with you. I thankfully have such a wonderful friend myself.

  7. Tracy says:

    Thank you Lucy. 🙂

  8. Lucy says:

    I love this pillow! Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you. Let me know when you get the pattern made.

  9. Tracy says:

    Thank you, Ginger.

  10. Ginger says:

    Hi Tracy, Your turtle is lovely! My youngest son loves turtles so I’ll be looking for your pattern when it’s available.

  11. Tracy says:

    Hi Nancy. Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t wait to have the pattern finished! Working…working…working. <3

  12. Tracy says:

    Thank you, Gari!

  13. Gari says:

    Your turtle is absolutely beautiful. And I love the idea of a huggable pillow.

  14. Nancy Griffith says:

    I love love love this pillow and the fact that you used your stash to create it! I can’t wait for the pattern!!! Thank you. <3

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