M’s Quilt Got Finished, Shipped and has been RECEIVED!

Yes! I got the quilting finished, the binding on and shipped it off! OK…so, yes, I know this is not the best picture ever but it gives you an idea of the finished quilt after washing and drying.

The quilting was intentionally done in wonky echo style so no I’m not worried about imperfections. It was made to be imperfect because I am human and imperfect–but it completely captures my love and wishes for M. Also, I didn’t want M’s mama to think she had to “save” the quilt. You see, this quilt was made especially to be a drag around, build a fort, make a tent, fly on a magic carpet, love-it-to-death and wear it out quilt. It’s all puffy, squishy and full of love for my sweet M. The multi-colored King Tut quilting thread is so bright. The thread absolutely POPS and give the quilt so much fun energy.

M’s mama reported back that he LOVES it and it is his new favorite thing that he has to take everywhere. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I’m so glad I kicked my perfection paralysis to the curb on this project!

What do you think?

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