Larry the Lizard *is* a GIRL!

If Johnny Cash could have a hit song about a Boy Named Sue, I can have a girl lizard named Larry.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In any event, I did a little more research on my “Larry the Lizard” from last weekend’s post.  If you missed it, click here.

I read on the State Symbols USA website’s page for New Mexico that:

The New Mexico Whiptail (as well as several other species of whiptail lizard living in the Southwest) play a part in one of the greatest mysteries of nature – they are all female! New Mexican whiptail lizards are actually a hybridization of the western whiptail (which lives in the desert) and the little striped whiptail (a grasslands lizard). Most products of crossbreeding (such as the mule) are usually sterile. But the New Mexico Whiptail reproduces by cloning – its eggs require no fertilization, and its offspring are exact and complete genetic duplicates of the mother.

Read the full article on this page:

Pretty cool, huh!?!

Yes, there is a quilt in my queue on this topic…but my list is rather long so it may be quite a little while until you see it.

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  1. Becky says:

    I loved seeing Larry in your pics from your bike ride last week. And now, this new info…who knew? Love your blog (and store!)…always interesting info in addition to all of the great quilting & sewing scoop; plus yummy recipes!

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