Sewing with Slippery Threads…tip

When sewing with slippery/decorative threads have you ever experienced the thread sliding off the spool and winding around your spindle?  Do you know how it feels to be stitching merrily along…everything looks great…then all of a sudden the tension seems to be going out of whack and then the next thing you know you end up breaking a needle?  “What the *@#^^ is going on!?!”, you mutter to yourself.

Threads like Glitter, metallics and many of the trilobal polyesters often present this challenge.

Here’s a tip: 
Use a mesh thread net (also known as thread sock).  If you’re using a smaller spool (rather than the large cone) and your thread net is too long, simply cut the length to fit. 

The light tension/support of the thread net will make your life a lot less stressful when using slippery, tricky threads!

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