Texture Magic, a NEW “texture” making product from Superior Threads

This NEW product from Superior Threads just arrived & I am itching to give it a whirl. I have an idea to use it on the fabrics I am “making” for my Lazy Girl Claire bag (that is still in progress).

Side note: I am hoping to have an opportunity to sew tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath on that either.  Things rarely happen as fast as I’d like during the summer with my little guys out of school.  While I am a little disappointed that the process is taking longer than I had hoped, I am thankful to be making slow and steady progress.

Texture Magic is a unique new product from Superior Threads.  It looks and feels like an interfacing type product that you stitch to the back or your fabric in a grid or other fairly dense overall design. Then all you do is get out your iron and let “steam” perform the “magic” of creating texture on your fabric.

NOTE:  you do NOT allow the iron to touch the surface of Texture Magic or your fabric–it’s the steam that does the magic.

Texture Magic
Texture Magic

Texture Magic is available and ON SALE now at Sew Thankful, click here to take a closer look.

4 thoughts on “Texture Magic, a NEW “texture” making product from Superior Threads”

  1. Hi Linda,

    Texture Magic is an entirely different product, it would be like comparing apples to bananas–both are fruits but have different nutrients, textures, uses, etc.

    Texture Magic is meant to be stitched to the wrong side of fabric (like an interfacing, it is not meant to be seen) and then the steam from an iron performs the “shrinking” magic.

    I have never tried touching an iron to the Texture Magic. Since there is a warning on the package in bold capital letters I can only assume it wouldn’t be good. As I mentioned, I haven’t had a chance to try the product for myself yet. When I have some time I will give it a try (touching the iron to the product) and report back with the results.

  2. Tracy,

    Do not feel disappointed or discouraged, the creative process often needs to brew in us before we can act on our inspiration. That is never a loss of time when we create a unique and special item.

    I am currently recuperating from a hand injury and have been dreaming of all the items and projects I want to work on when I have regained the use of my hand. In the meantime, I have come to appreciate what I had, work hard towards regaining it, gut through the pain which is a constant companion these past 5 months, and have a developed an empathy for those who live with it and for much longer than I.

    There is a purpose to the pauses we take or create. So enjoy the creative process!

    Ann in AZ

  3. How does Texture Magic compare functionally with Lutrador?

    What happens if the iron touches the Tesxture magic?

  4. I absolutely LOVE this product!!! And what’s really neat is that the longer it’s out the more people think up ideas on ways to use it. This stuff needs to have its own website with ideas, projects and maybe a forum. I haven’t seen such an original product in a really long time!

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