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My focus words for 2010

I love the feel of a fresh new year–so full of wonder and possibility!

I don’t know about you, but I no longer bother with making resolutions. They never seem to last despite my best intentions. I do generally try to set some specific goals for myself each year. That said, I’m not quite ready to share them publicly; however, I am doing something new this year that I can share.  I have chosen two “focus” words for 2010.

My words are: Live and Love. Both verbs. Both requiring constant choice, effort and action on my part. I want to truly ‘live’ and ‘love’ out loud this year.

How about you? If you had to pick just one or two words for this new year, what would you choose? Why?

SewThankful’s new blog by GloDerWorks

I am so pleased with our new blog design and hope you like our new look.

Gloria Hansen of GloDerWorks worked very closely with me to come up with this design which was personalized to my specifications. Yes, that is my own beaded flower yo-yo in the design.  Gloria did a wonderful job and she was so easy to work with. If you’ve been considering a new blog or having yours professionally redesigned, I highly recommend Gloria and Derry at GloDerWorks.

I still have a bit of house-cleaning to do with the archived entries and categories that have been moved over from the old blog.  However, I am REALLY excited and looking forward to using this space to share new product reviews, pictures, inspiration, ideas, free projects and much more.

Speaking of Gloria Hansen, have you taken a closer look at her new book, Digital Essentials?  This book is an incredible resource and a *must have* for anyone working with digital images and quilts.


Click here to read more about it at SewThankful.

Easy On Your Eyes – Web Viewing Tip

Websites often utilize small fonts to maximize “layout” and space usage.  The small font format can run at cross purposes with customers and clients who would prefer larger print.  If you find this frustrating, there is a solution.

Do you know that most of the newer (updated) browsers allow you to adjust font size on websites to suit your preferences? 

For example, in Mozilla and Explorer (steps may vary depending upon your browser and/or version) just go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on “View”; from the dropdown select increase or decrease as you wish.

Check your email program for similar solutions.

6/2/08 update…a SewThankful eNews subscriber wrote to tell me this:

in IE 7, if you look down at the lower right corner, you will see a magnifying glass that will let you magnify a web page from 125% up to 400%. 
Love it

Thanks Karol!!