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Make 2 – Give 2 With Love Totes from Lazy Girl Designs

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008


September is National Sewing Month! Celebrate by sewing up some fun with non-sewing or new-to-sewing friends.

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs has issued a “Make 2 – Give 2” With Love Totes CHALLENGE to her Lazy Girl Yahoo Group.  What’s a With Love Tote?  The With Love Tote pattern is a a Lazy Girl Designs free pattern for a fast & fun 1 yard/1hour tote bag project.

What’s this all about? You can read all about Joan’s Challenge and you can download a PDF file of the pattern by visiting Joan’s blog, click here (scroll down until you see the link).

I am proud to say that I am a Lazy Girl and I’ve taken Joan’s challenge!  Yesterday I made 4 bags–2 each two new friends (one is a beginner/occasional sew-er, the other does not sew).  Want to see the bags I made?
I did make a couple changes (of course–I can’t seem to do anything without making some kind of change):

  • I used 1″ cotton webbing for the handles.  I like the sturdiness of the cotton webbing and they helped the pattern go together even faster.
  • I made 2 of the bags a different size than the pattern specifies.  It was easy to change the size; just use the same technique.  The blue bags are approximately 10″ wide by 21″ long.

What could the long bags be used for?

  • They are perfect for carrying a bottle of wine and a French Baguette and a couple other items.
  • They would also be a great way to gift-wrap a long/tall box or package.
  • This size would be a great size for Trick-or-Treating (long enough to prevent spills). They are light weight and sturdy! Just choose a Halloween Fabric and the kids will love them!
  • Use your imagination!
I love these bags so much I need to make some for ME!!  Perfect shopping bags (go green–carry your own). They fold up so nicely you can tuck them into your purse and/or glove compartment so you never have to “forget” again.

Joan’s patterns are very easy to follow…just read and follow the instructions and you will have a bag you like and can truly use!  This pattern was the same.  I am very pleased with my results and enjoyed sewing the project.

OH YEAH…it’s a great way to use up some of that stash that’s been building up!

Whether you are a newbie sew-er or an old pro, you can join in the fun and inspire others to give sewing a try.  Check out Joan’s blog and consider taking her challenge. Click here.

Great pattern, great idea Joan!!!  Thank you sew much for sharing your talents.