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Paper or Fabric? Napkins, that is.

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Photos, images & text ©Tracy L. Chapman & Sew Thankful Inc. January 2008. All rights reserved.
Permission to copy and distribute this complimentary pattern at no charge to others, for personal or NON-PROFIT use, for guild and group projects or for making small quantities to sell at craft fairs and such is granted provided all copyright information and references to Sew Thankful are kept in tact on each and every copy printed/distributed. The above permissions do NOT include or permit the re-packaging or sale of this pattern itself.


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Which do you prefer?


Isn’t it time to treat yourself to better quality?¬† Pretty fabric napkins add a special element to your table.

Using fabric napkins instead of paper is great stewardship of your resources.¬† You save money, you keep some paper out of the landfills and it doesn’t really cost anything extra to throw the napkins in with a load of clothes you’re going to wash every week anyway.

One of the best reasons…if you actually use some of that fabric stash, you’ll be able to buy more fabric!¬† Making fast & easy fabric napkins from your already existing stash, you can have a BUNCH for next to nothing.

Note:  There are many ways to make fabric napkins, to include using rolled hems and serged edges.  This pattern/project is meant to offer my simple, preferred finish for casual fabric napkins.

This project is PERFECT for beginning sew-ers and requires no special sewing machine feet or tools.

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NOTE:¬† You must have a *recent* version of Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free from — sorry, we are unable to provide tech support for adobe software products

Please read entire project carefully all the way through before beginning

Learn how to make pretty Yo-Yo Ornies

Friday, November 30th, 2007

2007 – three styles of yo-yo ornaments¬† –¬† complimentary PDF — click here for the file.


NOTE: The complimentary PDF requires a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for FREE from  Sorry, SewThankful  is unable to provide technical assistance for Adobe products.

  • The 1st uses only 2 yo-yos
  • The 2nd uses only 4 yo-yos
  • The 3rd uses just 6 yo-yos

Click here for the complimentary PDF file

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