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Jared & Jacob = Shadow & Tails

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Jared & Jacob didn’t want any “usual” costumes this year.¬† They wanted to dress up as their favorite video game characters, Shadow and Tails (from Sonic the Hedge Hog game series).

When I first mentioned to the boys that I was going to make their costumes, they sort of rolled their eyes (but I think they knew better than to say anything).  I know Jared had a few reservations about how that would turn out.

Sew…keeping my Grams as my ultimate costume making inspiration…I made do with materials on hand and came up with these costumes.¬† I think Grams would have been very proud of what I came up with.¬† Gosh, I *miss* her so much!

Sew…how did I do it?¬† I studied the game box covers and images I found online.¬† Then I free hand sketched the masks.¬† I enlarged and transferred on to cardboard and painted the masks using whatever we had on hand, including Tempera paints, markers & Tsukineko Inks.

Here are a few pics:




We just used shirts and sweats as the base for the body of the costume. White batting “bibs” were attached where appropriate.¬† Jared’s (Shadow’s) head and back spikes were made using some old furry felt I had on hand.¬† I free hand cut, stitched & stuffed them.¬† The red trimming is red painters tape.

The boys were thrilled with how the costumes turned out and that was the BEST part for me.¬† In case you are not familiar with these characters, you can see some “official” character costumes on this page: – Shadow is the black hedgehog and Tails is the yellow fox.