Yo-Yo Ornies appear around the internet!

Imagine my surprise and thrill to find several pictures of yo-yo ornaments (and variations) posted on the HGTV forum board — these pretty ornaments were made using my free Yo-Yo Orny pattern .  I was especially tickled because the poster does provide credit to my pattern.  Click here to take a look at these pretty examples…

Fabric yo-yo ornaments are sew pretty on your tree…but they also make beautiful embellishments to gift wrapping.

Would you like to take a closer look at the free  Yo-Yo Orny project?  Click here.

Learn how to make pretty Yo-Yo Ornies

2007 – three styles of yo-yo ornaments  –  complimentary PDF — click here for the file.


NOTE: The complimentary PDF requires a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for FREE from adobe.com).  Sorry, SewThankful  is unable to provide technical assistance for Adobe products.

  • The 1st uses only 2 yo-yos
  • The 2nd uses only 4 yo-yos
  • The 3rd uses just 6 yo-yos

Click here for the complimentary PDF file

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