Taylor Made Designs at Houston International Quilt Market 2008

One of my favorite stops at Quilt Market was the Taylor Made Designs booth. Cindy is always delightful and her designs are feminine & refreshing.  Here are a few pics for you:




Cindy’s NEW book, the Any Season Robe is now available at SewThankful, click here to take a look.

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Pattern Review: Taylor Made Designs Cupcake Pincushions


These cupcakes have all the sweet and pretty with ZERO calories.

This week I made a couple cupcake pincushions using Taylor Made Designs’ Cupcake Pincushion pattern.

This is a fairly quick and very easy pattern for a deliciously adorable cupcake pincushion.

My biggest problem was stopping myself.  It’s virtually impossible to make just one!  Once you start considering all the various embellishment/decorating ideas…well…the day just flies by!!!

The pattern itself only has 3 main pieces (excluding the yo-yo decoration piece which I did not use). Instead of using the included yo-yo piece, I used  yo-yos I had previously made with my Clover Quick Yo-Yo Templates.

The Cupcake Pincushion pattern itself uses very little fabric and a non-woven interfacing so it goes together rather quickly…especially after you have made the first one.

My only concern with this pattern
is the seam of the cupcake side.

The instructions state to press that seam open…and there is no further sealing or lining involved…yet you will be filling this area with sand.  Even using a very small stitch length, with any amount of handling sand would almost surely migrate through the seam eventually.

I identified two options to eliminate that problem: (1) press the seam to one side or (2) press the seam open and then fuse a small scrap of fusible interfacing over the pressed open seam line to give a bit of “lining” that area.  I chose the 2nd option and it worked for me perfectly.  I have mushed the pincushions around quite a bit and there is no signs of sand seepage along that seam.

Avoid a mess: DEFINITELY STAND OVER A TRASH CAN or other large “catcher” bin when filling your cupcake form.

How I filled it: I did not have the items suggested in the pattern to use for filling my fabric cupcake form.  So…being the use what you have on hand kinda gal that I am…I used a quart-size freezer bag.  I measured off about 2 cups of my sand into the freezer bag.  I sealed the top and tipped the sand away from one “bottom” corner then I clipped a tiny hole at that corner. I picked up my cupcake in one hand and “holding over my trash can” used my other hand to insert the hole end of my freezer bag into the cupcake form. I filled in several additions, squishing, tapping and managing the each fill to achieve fullness.

6/29/08 NOTE:  I forgot to mention that I “added” to the seam closure at the finish.  Before hand stitching shut the final seam, I tucked a small scrap of fabric inside.  It lays flat against the inside of that final seam and will act as an additional barrier to keep sand from seeping through the bottom.  Then I hand stitched the bottom shut keeping in mind that it was the bottom and would not be seen; therefore, function being more important than invisible stitches. I just made sure it was sewn closed very well. FOLLOW-UP: I’ve been squishing, dropping, testing the pincushions quite a lot and there hasn’t been any signs of sand leakage or seeping.

Here is a picture of the two I finished. I have plans for LOTS more as they are so cute and will make GREAT gifts for sewing/quilting friends. (Click thumbnail to open larger image in a pop up window)

There is an included suggestion for an “optional” serving plate/stand to be attached to the cupcake.  I didn’t do that idea this time, but I do like that idea.  However, it is not necessary for the functionality of the cupcake pincushion.  I think it would be very cool to use some pretty tea-cup saucers (found from inexpensive sources like estate sales, garage sales or thrift stores)…then you would have a misc. item catcher underneath.

Oh…about the sand filling…I used some really cool purple craft sand.  I found it at Walmart in the garden section and it was quite reasonable.  You don’t need to use colored sand…the pattern provides recommendation for the type you should choose and you can find it at a multitude of sources.

Now, get out your Cupcake Pincushion pattern and have some fun!!! 

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