RE-GROW Store Purchased Organic Celery

It’s so easy to re-grow store purchased, organic celery. In fact, the re-grow aspect really helps offset the upfront expense of buying organic celery. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to try this process, I very strongly recommend using only organic celery. Non-organic vegetable products can have certain issues, pesticides and re-growth inhibitors sprayed on them that would make them unable to re-grow.

There are already lots of in-depth articles and you-tube videos demonstrating the step by step process so I’m not going to turn this into a super long how-to post. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll have a ton of videos and detailed info at your fingertips. My post is meant simply to give a quick view and idea to those who’ve never done it and encourage all to give it a try.

Quick & dirty–how did I do it? I cut my celery so that you have about 3 inches or so of the bottom/root end of the celery heart in tact. Go ahead and use your cut/top pieces for whatever recipe or plan you had. We have recently been enjoying peanut butter celery sticks as a treat. Good gosh! We have had not enjoyed them in YEARS and they were so delicious! Next, use a knife and cut a very thin slice off the root end (like maybe 1/16th of an inch–and compost that sliver if you can). Now, put about 1.5 to 2 inches of tepid to luke warm water in a small dish big enough to hold your celery base. Place the celery base in the water with the root end down. Place the dish on a sunny window sill. In just a few days you should see little ruffles sprouting up from the center. Add water when needed and occasionally change your water to prevent slime from developing on the dish.

It’s so much fun to sew and grow! What do you have to lose (especially if you were going to throw out the bottom part anyway?!!) I hope you will give it a try.

Magical Malibu Bicycle Bliss Tour – 2017

Tomorrow marks a week since I rode my bicycle into Malibu.

When a very dear cycling friend invited me to accompany her on a road trip to Malibu, CA that culminated in a 60 mile bicycle ride along the Pacific Coast Highway, of course, I enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

On Monday, October 2nd, we rode the Magical Malibu Bicycle Bliss Tour: 60 Miles for 60 Years in celebration of my friend’s 60th birthday which was earlier this year (August). For my part, I also rode in celebration of the lives of my sweet younger Sister (Trina) and my beloved Grampa (Earl) who would have celebrated their birthdays on October 2nd had they not been taken so soon. They have been gone for many years now, but I still feel the sad ache in my soul because I dearly miss them. They were good and kind people. They are part of me and that will never change.


Over the years I’ve found it helps if I do something significant and  physically challenging to celebrate their lives. This ride was the perfect thing to do this year. Here are a few pictures from our time in Malibu:

This is me just after we finished the 60 miles. Beams of love and thanksgiving shooting into and out of my chest. I am SEW thankful.


Last but not least…the video below shows highlights of about 17 of our miles riding into Malibu (shortened into one and a half minutes).  It’s my first attempt at using a trial offer of some new video editing software (thus the watermark…trial offer). I suspect I will end up purchasing the software as it seems much more intuitive than others I’ve tried. I still have a lot to learn but was pleased to be able to put something together without having to spend weeks learning how to use the product.


Something about a fresh haircut and a bike ride…

Sew…there’s something wonderful about a fresh haircut (really short this time, huh?!) and a bike ride with a new friend.

Feeling happy and FREE


Yesterday, our weather was a gorgeous 64 degrees, sunny and very little wind.  A perfect day to get out on my bicycle with my new friend, Lisa.

Lisa is in my Saturday morning Strength Training Group…and new to New Mexico. Since this was her first outside ride in New Mexico and because my knees were feeling a little tweaky, we chose a relatively flat road with a nice bicycle lane in Corrales and pedaled an easy 12+ miles with the time we had.

I have to say, it absolutely invigorated me.  The sunlight, the scenery, the sound of the pedals and wheels turning…and freedom. Just taking it all in and giving myself permission to simply “be” with no expectations.  What a wonderful experience.  I can hardly wait until next Saturday! New course…some hills…and more friends!

Today is our present…truly a gift.  What will you do with yours?

SewThankful for Inspiration EVERYWHERE — Geyser Field in Chile Images

What inspires you?  Where is the most unusual place you’ve found inspiration?

While surfing facebook, I found this!  It’s so gorgeous and reminds me of fiber art in so many ways. Chilean geyser fields – surreal.


Product Spotlight/Video Demo: Snag Repair Tool

We just finished filming this little demo for one of my most favorite tools, the Snag Repair Tool.

The Snag Repair Tool is *sew* inexpensive and really has saved my day on more than one occasion.  I’ve used it to repair snags in garments (woven and knit), upholstery, draperies, quilts and more.  I’ve used it when quilting (both by hand and by machine) at times when my thread has broken unexpectedly and there wasn’t enough of a tail to pull through with my regular needle…this little guy solves the problem quickly and painlessly.  I’ve used it with hand embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery too.

The snag repair tool is a valuable tool…at very little cost. You can buy the snag repair tool here at SewThankful.  OK.  So, here’s the video: