Just for fun — How much do you love to sew?

Do you love sewing as much as this young woman? Click here (link opens a new window).

Many quilters are familiar with award winning quilter, Karen McTavish’s lovely feather tattooed shoulders.  If you’re not but would like to see, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page (link opens a new window).

Do you know of other sew-ers or quilters with sewing or quilting related tattoos?  Surely there must be more folks with quilting or sewing related tattoos.  If you have pics or links to share, let me know!

Lazy Girl Designs + Shiva Paintstiks = Omagosh…WOW!

This past Fall, Shelly Stokes of Cedar Canyon Textiles asked her friends in the DIVAS quilt group to make some sewn “samples’ showcasing fabric embellished with
Shiva Paintstik rubbings.

The group utilized a variety of Lazy Girl Designs patterns.

The results are absolutely STUNNING!  Click here to take a look (opens a new window) and be sure to scroll all the way down.