Mid-Winter Sowing Seeds & Sprouting Colorful Inspiration

Leaf Amaranth Seedling – February 2021

I know. I know. I’m — perhaps — a little unusual. I prefer seeds and grow lights (or sewing tools & fabric) as favorite gifts over flowers and jewelry any day.

In January, Jeff and I purchased a few little grow lights and I decided to work on some early seed starts as a way to help combat seasonal anxiety/depression and to learn how feasible it might be to start our seedlings inside, earlier in the season.

I have to tell you, I am blown away by how much I have loved growing the seeds as outdoor temperatures plunged to negative double digits last week (factoring wind chill). Featured above is my current most loved plant: Leaf Amaranth. The deep burgundy red fading to pink atop bright, luminous green brings me so much joy on cold and dark days. It also inspires me to think outside my comfort zone for future quilt, sewing and art projects.

This variety of amaranth is grown and used as an alternative to spinach. It may be eaten raw or cooked and is a nutritional power house. What a blessing for the senses! I can hardly wait to harvest some. In the background you can see beet root sprouts that I’m growing mainly for their greens. Again, there’s that spectacular contrast of burgundy red and bright, luminous green has me smitten.

What’s inspiring you these days? I’d LOVE to know. Please drop me a comment below (note, I have to approve comments to protect our blog from unwanted spam so it may take a bit to see your post appear).

Houston International Quilt Market 2011

Last weekend I attended the Houston International Quilt Market.

It always wonderful to peruse the vendor booths to see what’s new and exciting.

But my favorite part is always the QUILTS!  I snapped so many pictures of quilts to share and I thought I’d done a good job of including pics of the documentation of each quilt so I could properly attribute it’s maker. Unfortunately, several of the documentation shots did not come out clearly enough to read.  I must have been trembling with excitement when I shot those.  Sigh…  So I won’t be posting those pics until I can do the research and discovery of the makers.

Here are a few of my favorites that I can share:

Good Onya Sonya Onya Bike by Helen C. Godden


Documentation - Good Onya Sonya Onya Bike
Documentation - Good Onya Sonya Onya Bike


Holy Cow by Jennifer Day

Holy Cow Documentation

The Word Gets Around by Louisa L. Smith
The Word Gets Around by Louisa L. Smith

The Word Gets Around back detail
The Word Gets Around back detail

Documentation - The Word Gets Around
Documentation - The Word Gets Around

Kiss by Jo Dixey
Kiss by Jo Dixey

Kiss Quilt Documentation
Kiss Quilt Documentation

Windblown by Maria Elkins
Windblown by Maria Elkins

The documentation on Windblown by Maria Elkins is too fuzzy to be worth posting…and the bottom of it got cut off.  Here is what I can read:

This quilt is inspired by a dear friend who has stood firm and remained joyful despite the various challenges she has had to face in her young life. As the quilt developed I decided to combine her beautiful image with a traditional quilt block — Windblown Star — and wind like feathers.  Techniques: Hand drawn, hand painted, embellished, machine quilted.

You might also enjoy this video of International Quilt Market & Show produced by Quilts Inc.:

New Mexico Sunrise and Walking Stick Bug Surprise

Beautiful blessings in plain sight.  We all have *those* days where everything feels off or seems to go wrong.  But, have you ever have had days when everything seemed to be a wonderful, beautiful surprise?  Sometimes all we need to do is slow down, breathe and take a look around. 🙂

I was exceedingly blessed to witness a most spectacular sunrise last Thursday morning.  AND I happened to have my camera with me so I was able to snap a few pics to share.  Click the images to open larger images. Use your browser back button to return to this page.

New Mexico Sunrise

New Mexico Sunrise #3

New Mexico sunrise #3

Later this very same day, I found this little treasure:

Phasmida - Walking Stick Bug underside

Looking through a window at the underside of a Phasmida (Walking Stick Bug).  It’s about 5-6 inches long not including the super long antennae.

Phasmida - Walking Stick Bug

On the outside of the window (it’s highly reflective!). Gorgeous, subtle colors.  Such a treat to see this amazing creature.

Now…how about you tell me about your blessings in plain sight?  😀


Special Olympics Swim Meet Inspiration Saturday — What inspires you?

Yesterday I attended a Special Olympics Swim Meet at our local Aquatic Center. What a WONDERFUL day it was.  And filled with inspiration.  I heard exactly ZERO whining or complaints from the athletes or their families and witnessed more genuine joy in one place than I’ve seen in a while.  Truly, so many fabulous, beautiful people celebrating life together. I know there is an art quilt brewing from this experience. As my time is super short these days, it may take years to produce…but…eventually. I’m OK with that for now.

How about you? What did you do this weekend?  What is your most recent inspiration?  Do you keep a journal or list of inspirations?  We love to hear from our friends across the USA and around the world.