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At SewThankful, we work hard to keep our costs down in order to pass along savings to you.  Most of the items we sell are offered at great sale prices.  BUT…we also usually offer some sort of eCoupon savings in addition to those great SALE prices.

Be sure to check our eCoupon page — click here – to see if the items you are ordering have a coupon available so you can SAVE even more.

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Have you ever wondered about getting more eCoupons at SewThankful?

Only eNews subscribers receive notice of all the best deals and eCoupons.

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Whether or not you decide to subscribe, be sure to check out or current eCoupons, you could save even more on your order today!

SewThankful eNews

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Our eNews is the main place I make new product and special sales announcements, provide special eCoupon codes, share ideas (or sometimes recipes), offer encouragement, etc.  If  you’re not a current subscriber you can take a look at what your missing this week…just click here.

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“How can I get eCoupon Codes for Sew Thankful?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

In order to receive eCoupon codes be sure to sign up for the SewThankful eNews.  At this time we are unable to offer or provide Sew Thankful eCoupon codes upon request or demand. 

Only eNews subscribers receive the eCoupon codes in our free eNews.  The eNews usually goes out twice a week, but you can choose to sign up for just once a week or even as little as once a month.  You completely control your own subscription.

What’s in the eNews?

  • The mid-week edition generally includes one or two new products or a quickie review, possibly a “special”, and often (but not always) an eCoupon Code. If there is nothing new to talk about or offer, there may not be a mid-week edition.
  • The week-end edition is more substantial and usually includes several new products, possibly an “Artist in the Spotlight” article, possibly a product review, sometimes a free pattern or project, sometimes a show and tell if I have made something to show/share, sometimes a “special” and/or announcement of a special sale (when applicable) and usually (but not always) at least one eCoupon Code.

About SewThankful eCoupon Codes:

  • Sometimes the eCoupon is for a specific item or items; sometimes it is for a percentage off an order over a certain amount. 
  • There is almost never an overlap in the eCoupon code periods and they’re only valid for a very short time. 
  • You never know what the next one might be.  Sew…that means there’s always something new and different happening.

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