Wrapping up a Sweet Valentine

Snack Size — beautifully holds just a few home-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

For me, it’s all about beautiful, functional simplicity and sharing love from the heart.

I’ve always loved handmade and home-baked gifts. Both giving them and receiving them. That’s how my Sew TracyLee FabMagic Wrap sewing pattern idea was born. Isn’t she pretty!?!!

The pattern offers 4 sizes that are loosely based off of common plastic food storage bag sizes. The snack size is wonderful for making a lot of gifts quick as just one batch of cookies should yield several gifts (depending on the batch and cookie size). For example, the picture above shows 4 cookies (heaping tablespoon of dough per cookie) made from a single batch that nets 3 dozen. That makes a total of 36 cookies and divides out to 9 gifts from just one batch of cookies! And, since you can make 3 snack size wrappers out of just 1/4 yard of fabric (assuming 42″ wide fabric), you’ll be stunned at how economical these pretty and delicious gifts will be to make.

SEW…this Valentine’s Day (which is just a week from today!) I’m wrapping up a bunch of snack size sweet Valentine gifts for family, friends and neighbors.

My oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are shown in the picture above, but you could choose to use almost any cookies you love to make. Voila! With the snack size wrapper, you’ll be able to give delicious home-baked treats that are just the right amount of sweet packaged in beautiful, hand-made, re-usable fabric wraps.

How does it look all wrapped up? I’m so glad you asked. What do you think?

Sew TracyLee Designs introduces the Zipster…vinyl mesh wallet downloadable sewing pattern




Do you have scraps of vinyl mesh you’ve been holding on to because you knew there was SOMETHING you could do with them?  This is the project for you!!

Zipster is a sewing pattern for a vinyl mesh keychain wallet.  Note, the keychain configuration is optional

and you may quickly and easily make your vinyl mesh wallet without the keychain option, if you desire.

The Zipster pattern makes a perfect wallet for guys and gals on-the-go. The feather light vinyl mesh keeps the wallet light enough to be a keychain, enabling you to keep all your absolute essentials together.


*FAST and EASY* to sew!

Finished dimensions are approximately: 3.25″ high x 5.5″ wide (excluding keychain tab and ring).

YES!  Tracy gives clear, specific, written permission for the individual home sewer/crafter to make this item for sale and profit. See pattern cover image in the gallery above for the specific details.

Pattern uses vinyl mesh (a single 1/2 yard piece will make several), 1.25″ split rings, a closed end coil zipper of 7″ long or more (longer is better!), and fabric scraps (or a fat 1/8 will make several)!


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