SEW COOL! Girly Toolbelt sewing pattern from Vanilla House Designs

Sewing pattern for pocket aprons with Easy Ruffles.This pattern features Clover’s Fuse ‘N Gather Tape, making ruffles easier than ever!  Three versions are included. You have the option of using for OR five fabrics, depending upon your preference for variety; and the option of using some fat quarters for convenience!

Great gift-making idea! One size fits most. Apron is 20″ – 22″ wide x 9″ to 11″ long.

This project uses rotary cutting techniques (rotary cutter, clear ruler and grid mat). Paper/tissue pattern pieces are not included.

Instructions are included for making the flower embellishment.

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Half & Half Apron – Sewn Samples – Project Kits

This week I was busy sewing samples and making up kits for the Half & Half Apron project sheet (instructions by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company).

I’ve got to say I LOVE this little apron pattern/project.  It works up so easily and so quickly and the results are fantastic.  All the seams are finished and quite professional looking.  The pocket is fantastic–though it blends in with the apron body so you need to look closely. You could add lovely monogramming or other cool embroidery to the pocket very easily before stitching on the apron.

Here are the samples I’ve sewn so far:

Half & Half Fandingo Dark Pink/Orange apron sample
Fandingo Pink Floral
Half & Half Apron Fandingo Pink Floral sample

Tracy’s Review & Tips

1. The Half & Half Apron project sheet is very well thought out, nicely illustrated and very easy to follow step-by-step.

2. Unfortunately, there is no specified seam allowance on this project.  I used a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout and it worked perfectly.

The only place that might require a slightly deeper seam allowance is at the waistband since gathers are used and it may be tricky for beginners to deal with “gathering lines of stitching” that close to the fabric edge and stay within a 1/4″ total seam allowance. If you need to go a wee bit deeper than 1/4″ when sewing on the waistband, the project will still come out very nice.

3.  For those who do not know how to do “gathers” there is no instruction on how to perform that technique.  There is one illustration that gives you some clues.

Here is how I prepared my gathers: I make two parallel lines of long machine basting stitches very close to the edge of the fabric.  On one end of the lines of stitching, I find the bottom thread tails for each line of stitching and pull gently.  This creates a ruffling effect and you can slide the fabric gently to spread the gathers evenly to the center of the apron.  Repeat  on the other side until gathered fabric is even across the project and project dimensions are correct.

4. After I finished the apron instructions, I added top stitching to the waistband and ties — all the way around.  You could use decorative top stitching for an even fancier result.  The reason I added the stitching to the waistband and ties is that I know it will help keep the ties flat when I wash the apron in the future.  Without stitching, the ties are likely to “tube up” and twist in the washer and dryer making it more difficult to press flat.  Top stitching also adds more durability and a nicer overall finish to the ties.

These kits make gift making go sew much faster!  And…once you’ve made one, I bet you’ll be burning through your stash whipping up even more great combinations.

Kits also make FANTASTIC gift giving ideas for fellow quilters or sewing enthusiasts…since this particular kit includes the fabric and the project sheet of instructions, all the recipient needs to get started are rotary cutting supplies, thread and a sewing machine.  What quilter doesn’t already have an ample supply of those tools?

Commercial Apron (blank) Makeover

©Tracy L. Chapman & Sew Thankful Inc. February 2009. All rights reserved.

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NOTE:  This file requires a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from  Sorry, SewThankful is not able to provide technical assistance for adobe products.

Click images below to view larger image in a new window.


Materials required:

  • 1 commercial “bib style” poly/cotton twill apron (no pocket on the bib).
    • I purchase mine commercial apron blanks in 3-packs from our local SAMS Club. At the time of my purchase each 3 pack of aprons was well under $15.00. Check your local SAMS Club for availability.


  • One piece of 11” x 7” contrasting pocket novelty fabric
  • Coordinating or contrasting thread, as desired
  • Scraps of fabric for whimsical appliqué, if desired
  • Velcro (Sew in or Velcro Fusion), if desired for adjustable neck strap


Press the piece of 11” x 7” novelty fabric so that it is flat and crisp. Fold in half with right sides together so the resulting piece is 5.5” x 7”. Begin at folded edge–using a .25” seam–stitch down one 5.5” side, pivot at the corner and continue stitching approximately 2 – 3 inches. Stop & secure thread, leave approximately 2.5” inch
opening along bottom raw edges, begin stitching again, pivot at corner, stitch up the other 5.5” side as shown below.


Carefully clip corners & press bottom seam allowance back on both sides as shown below.


Turn pocket right side out through opening in bottom edge. Gently push out corners, smooth & press flat.

Prepare apron for positioning pocket by folding the bib in half vertically. Match bib side edges and top edge, press center fold to form a positioning (fold) line. Fold & press pocket in half for pocket positioning (fold) line.

Open apron and lay bib flat. Open pocket and match pressed (fold) lines, as shown below. Use the top-stitching line on the apron bib for pocket top edge placement OR if your apron does not have top stitching, measure approximately 2” from bib top edge so that the pocket is centered and aligned across the bib. See image below.


Top stitch pocket to apron bib. If a pen slot is desired, mark a line 1” parallel to the pocket top stitching line, see below. Stitch pen slot, secure stitching at top and bottom, clip thread tails.


Make an adjustable neck strap, if desired:

Fold bib and neck strap in half vertically to find center of the neck strap. Cut at center point.


Fold raw edge of each strap over .5 inch. Use a wide zigzag and satin stitch along raw edge on each strap end to secure well.


Place and apply Velcro to ends of the neck strap—be careful to turn one strap so that when the Velcro is applied, the straps simply overlap to attach and do not have to be twisted in order to secure the Velcro.

HINT: Apply the stiff/hard side of the Velcro to the outside of the strap that faces up (or AWAY) from your neck. Apply the soft side of the Velcro on the inside of the strap that will face down (or toward) your neck.




Apply a floating appliqué motif if desired.

If your novelty fabric has a large focus shape/image, consider applying a floating appliqué on your apron. Simply cut out the shape. Determine where you want to place your floating image. Apply using your favorite fusible web product; finish edges with satin stitch or zigzag.


Enjoy your new apron!


Click here to download and print the PDF file.