Annie Goat Had Triplets — Help Us Pick A Name

There’s sew much to be thankful for. And today I’m especially thankful for my Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Annie. She delivered triplets on Friday morning, 3/12/2021. Two bucklings (boys) came first, then a teeny tiny little doeling (girl).

At present we intend to sell the bucklings and retain the tiny little girl. So we will need a name. Can you help me decide? I’d love to know what you’d name Annie’s super tiny little doeling. All suggestions are up for consideration.

To help you get a better sense of her personality, I’ve made a YouTube video (below) so you can see her from different angles and moving around.

You may post your suggestion in the comments section here or you may post your comment on YouTube under the video (link above).

After taking some time and considering all the suggestions — and our family suggestions as well — I’ll publicly announce her name next week. I will post it in our eNews, here on our blog, and in a new YouTube video.

Remember, if you post your suggestion here on our blog it may take a bit until you see it published. I have to approve all posts to protect our readers from spambots and nastiness.

Meet Richie and Tommy

Richie & Tommy are 8 weeks old

Richie and Tommy are our new Livestock Guardian Dog puppies.

They are full brothers even though they don’t look like it. Their breed is mixed: 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd. Their job on our mini-farm will be to live with, watch over and protect our goats, chickens and kitties from predators. Primarily coyotes. These will be VERY big boys when full grown.

They are wonderful, smart, sweet boys and their training started as soon as they arrived. It was easy. They met the free ranging chickens that roam the barn and yard. Next they met the barn kitties and our in-house German Shepherd, Zeussa. But first…a NAP!

Growing big and strong is hard work & requires lots of nap time!

They even got to star in their very own first youtube video already:

I didn’t really know anything about Livestock Guardian Dogs until we moved to the country and got goats. A livestock guardian dog is a dog type that has been bred (over many generations) for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd.

The lady we purchased our first 4 goats from had two beautiful Great Pyrenees on her property and being a dog lover I was naturally curious. We’ve learned a lot about LGDs since then because coyotes and stray dogs are definitely a problem out here. We know that having these boys on the property will keep the predators at bay and our sweet chickens, goats and kitties safe.

Have you heard of Livestock Guardian Dogs before? They are so different in their temperament and behavior–and not just any dog can be trained to do that job.

I welcome any constructive comments and questions below. (NOTE: Each comment must be approved before it will appear, in order to protect the blog and our readers from nasty spam and spambots. It may take a day or so for your comment to appear.)