Snowflake Stencil Fun with Shiva Paintstiks

Cedar Canyon Textiles recently developed a new line of stencils.  I fell in love with the snowflake stencil as soon as I saw it.  Today I took just a few minutes to play.  I grabbed some scraps of my favorite Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids and cut them into blocks.  The larger blocks are 8″ square.  The small red blocks are 3″ square.  The small green blocks are 2 1/2″ square.

I decided that I wanted my snowflakes to be as opaque white as possible so I chose to use the Titanium White Shiva Paintstik and a short, dense 1/2″ bristle brush.

Here’s my workspace set up:

Snowflake Stencil Workspace
Snowflake Stencil Workspace

I placed a clear plastic protective layer on top of my work surface.  I put down my grip-n-grip mat to hold my blocks securely while I worked (note: some mats are brown/some are black – the color of the mat does not matter) .

If you look at the lower left side of the pic above you can see part of my brush and the “puddle” of white paintstik on a piece of parchment paper.  I then pressed and swirled my brush into the puddle of titanium white to load the brush.

Next I centered the stencil on my block.  I did that by folding the block in 1/2 and then in 1/2 again, finger pressing each time to form intersecting horizontal & vertical lines. You can see the finger pressed fold lines in the blocks in the pics above/below. Next, place the center of the stencil image in the center of the fabric block where the lines intersect and match up any radiating center lines.

Applying paint with the stencil brush

Holding the template firmly but gently with one hand, I began applying the paint using the “loaded” stencil brush.  I used firm, downward pressure in circles and each direction until I achieved the desired level of coverage.

The unveiling is the BEST part for me!
The unveiling is the BEST part for me!

Just a few more to go…

Now all sorts of ideas are swirling through my mind.  I could make a cute snowflake quilt or tree skirt.  I could make some snowflake placemats or napkins.  Hmmm…I could apply it to ready-wear also: perhaps a snowflake T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or Apron (one I’ve made or a purchased “blank” that I can usually find at Sams Club in a 3 pack).

Stenciling is easy and it’s great fun.  It’s a wonderful way to personalize a gift or create unique projects to decorate your home.

If you are intrigued but you’ve never used Paintstiks before, basic instructions can be found on this page:

If you’d like a little more guidance, the following are EXCELLENT resources (I consult both for refreshers almost every time I get out my Paintstiks):

I encourage you to your imagination and discover the joy of stencils and Paintstiks!

7 thoughts on “Snowflake Stencil Fun with Shiva Paintstiks”

  1. Heard about this technique on facebook…looked interesting, so did some searching, and came across your site. Will surely have to give it a try after the holidays. Do most of my quilts in the hexagon patterns. And not too talented, but would like to give this a try. Thank you for the information.

  2. I just love stenciling and this is beautiful and I agree a tree skirt would be awesome.

    🙂 Vic

  3. Hi Helen,

    It depends on how opaque or solid you want the stenciled design to be. If you want it to be somewhat sheer looking, you can just do a singl, light layer. If you want it very solid, use layers. Yes, to get a “puddle” of paint, once the skin is removed, I simply rub the paintstik in a small circular shape; then I swirl my brush in the puddle to load it with paint. I never really measured it but I guess I make mine somewhere between the size of a quarter and a 50 cent piece. Hope that helps. There are more tips on this page:

    Smiles from New Mexico,

  4. I just got my stencils and tried them! I love what you can do with paint sticks- my question is…
    Do you do a thin layer first to cover all the space, and then go back and do another layer to get a denser covering of paint? And do you just rub your paint stick on the parchment paper until you have a blob? and how big do you make your blob of paint?
    thanks so much- love your products, love your website.

  5. Thanks for all the detail/pics on the blog…..It was that that made me decide to purchase the stencils and new paintstick color….I decorate my home in blue and silver and SNOWFLAKES for the Christmas season!

  6. Hi Kim. Yes, in fact, we received our first snow of the year the Thursday BEFORE Halloween! Amazing, huh?! Normally we get 1 or 2 snow storms per winter season. Keep in mind that 2 – 4 inches of snow plus a little ice will shut everything down because we have very limited snow removal equipment in this state…what they have is used primarily for major roads, interstates, etc. You have a great Sunday also! Hugs….Tracy

  7. So cute Tracy! Do you see many real snowflakes in NM? I live in VA and see a couple thru the winter. The is something about them, I agree!

    Have a great Sunday!


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