Have you seen Shelly Stokes’ stunning Margo Bag?

Question: What do you get when Shelly Stokes combines Safari Design Magic Stencils, Paintstiks & the Lazy Girl Margo pattern?

Answer: This simply spectacular, stunning Margo Bag.

Shelly created the stunning fabric for this beautiful Margo while writing her new Design Magic book. The book arrived just prior to Spring Market this year (2010) and Shelly says:

“Once the book arrived and everything was packed, I decided to take a few hours to make something special for myself using the cover fabric from the book. I’ve already worn out the Primrose tote that started my Design Magic adventure, so I decided to make the new Margo bag from my good friend Joan Hawley at Lazy Girl Designs.”

Click here to read Shelly’s review of Margo and more about Design Magic book & Design Magic Safari stencils on the Cedar Canyon Textiles blog.

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