SewThankful Kittens!

Every barn needs kitties. And these kitties needed a home. So we gave them one.

On Thursday morning I picked up some baby kitties that needed a new home. You see, we have a barn and almost everybody knows that every barn needs kitties (rodents are always an issue at farms and I don’t believe in putting poisons out).

Clockwise from the top left we have: Smoky Joe (the gray), Rengar (aka Snowball, the white with one blue eye and one green eye), Pepper (aka Peppa, the tabby), and Stormy (the other tabby to the left…what you can’t see is that his back half is frosted white!). SO CUTE. All of them are semi long-haired. Peppa and Stormy are the runts. Stormy loves to be chill and nap. Peppa climbs like a monkey and comes running every time he sees me coming to the barn!

I am thrilled to have these babies to love and care for. And the kitties are very happy to be here! These babies are so sweet (and maybe I spoil them just a little..wink, wink). Here is a pic of Peppa hitching a ride in my apron pocket the other day:

Peppa hitches a ride in my apron pocket. He’s a Pocket Kitty!

Animals and plants inspire me. How about you? What do you think of these babies? I always encourage and welcome constructive comments!

11 thoughts on “SewThankful Kittens!”

  1. Bless your heart!!!! What a bunch of sweeties!! All our cats are rescues and they have rescued our hearts many a time!

  2. I like Smokie, now that blue color is found in my line off Blue Satin Rabbits. They have coats that shin like Satin and are so soft to the touch. I also have a blue and white kitty named Halfpint as she was found on a Sunday morning in a dumpster just getting her eye open. She was brought to me to bottle feed and when she arrived I was in the middle of canning applesauce. Thus the name halfpint as that was her size. She is my baby still at 5 years-old and crys if I leave the house to feed and water my 45 rabbits. She has a wide shelf where she can sit and watch me as I work in the back yard, Pal, Mister Mittens and Mitzi are my barn cats and when not laying in the sun are busy keeping down the mice and rats along with the wild rabbits in our yard.

  3. Oh how sweet they are! So cool they have a new home and many adventures ahead of them !!!

  4. These babies are beautiful. Once I brought home a box of 5 abandoned kitties – they were such fun, we found forever homes for them. All of our personal pets have been rescues – they make the best fur babies. I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful!!

  5. What gorgeous little kitties!!! Every barn (and home!) needs kitties!! I myself am owned currently by 3, down from the original 8 a few years back. All were rescues or homeless, dumped in the area by uncaring people. Somehow they always end up here and we couldn’t love them more!! We have Tardy (tabby), Moose (35lb tuxie) and Shadow (black with white whiskers, resident diabetic). Enjoy your new Sweethearts and spoil them all you can!! PS, don’t forget to plant lots of catnip!!

  6. Some not all white kittens are deaf ,Hope snowball isn’t, so she hears farm machine s.

  7. Thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, I hope they grow up to be good hunters too. If they hunt half as good as they climb, we are SET! 🙂

  8. Oh, my gosh! Those kittens are so sweet! Makes me want to go out and get another! Hope they grow up to be good hunters.

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