If you could have 2 more hours…what would you do?

Would you spend it with family or friends? Would you get some extra sleep? Would you use it for sewing, quilting or being creative?

Rengar Kitty (left) and I would love to know.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Note: I have to approve comments to prevent nasty spam from appearing so it may take a bit of time for your post to appear.

The above picture of Rengar Kitty was taken when he was just a few weeks old but his first birthday will be creeping up soon. He’s very curious and loves to help me sew and quilt (in his own special way). He does have one blue eye and one green eye (this is known as Heterochromia), but he definitely is NOT deaf as people sometimes suspect.

5 thoughts on “If you could have 2 more hours…what would you do?”

  1. I would split a bonus of two more hours a day between sewing and reading a good book, either fiction or nonfiction.

  2. I would find a quiet, well-lit place and read a good book or catch up on some of my quilting magazines.

  3. Hmmm…2 more hours… every day…
    I would split it up between my two “peaceful places”, one being my sewing machine (just think of the ufo’s I could finish!) and the other is with my animals in the barn. Both areas bring me contentment and peace.

  4. With an extra two hours a day, I think I’d read more (I’ve been limiting myself to bedtime-reading all my life. Who knows why?) I might also try to be more active with some of that time, like making a habit of walking every day.

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