Mid-Winter Sowing Seeds & Sprouting Colorful Inspiration

Leaf Amaranth Seedling – February 2021

I know. I know. I’m — perhaps — a little unusual. I prefer seeds and grow lights (or sewing tools & fabric) as favorite gifts over flowers and jewelry any day.

In January, Jeff and I purchased a few little grow lights and I decided to work on some early seed starts as a way to help combat seasonal anxiety/depression and to learn how feasible it might be to start our seedlings inside, earlier in the season.

I have to tell you, I am blown away by how much I have loved growing the seeds as outdoor temperatures plunged to negative double digits last week (factoring wind chill). Featured above is my current most loved plant: Leaf Amaranth. The deep burgundy red fading to pink atop bright, luminous green brings me so much joy on cold and dark days. It also inspires me to think outside my comfort zone for future quilt, sewing and art projects.

This variety of amaranth is grown and used as an alternative to spinach. It may be eaten raw or cooked and is a nutritional power house. What a blessing for the senses! I can hardly wait to harvest some. In the background you can see beet root sprouts that I’m growing mainly for their greens. Again, there’s that spectacular contrast of burgundy red and bright, luminous green has me smitten.

What’s inspiring you these days? I’d LOVE to know. Please drop me a comment below (note, I have to approve comments to protect our blog from unwanted spam so it may take a bit to see your post appear).

2 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Sowing Seeds & Sprouting Colorful Inspiration”

  1. Helene, thank you so much for your very kind words! I’m sending you gentle hugs & smiles of encouragement. I understand the season of creative slump. The excellent thing is knowing that it is a season that will pass. You are ahead of the curve! I can envision you creating something out of the “squirrel” inspiration since he/she left you a “gift” and that makes me smile. I would so love the Southern California climate to grow veggies, flowers, berries & fruits we can’t grow here. It’s so beautiful.

  2. I love the beginnings of your garden. I live in Southern California (we can get cold, but not like New Mexico). I have a volunteer tomato plant outside with small tomatoes forming. I gave up on the plants last summer because I had a ravenous squirrel who would take a bite from each tomato as it began to ripen. I think he left some seeds behind that have become my little tomato plant. Not sure how big it will get, but it’s growing. I’m impressed with your green thumb and grow lights.
    I am currently in a creative slump. I know this will pass, but right now it sucks…

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