Paintstik rubbing samples…what I learned

Here are some samples of the paintstik rubbings I made yesterday.  I learned so much doing these.



The MOST IMPORTANT thing I learned in this exercise is that there is no substitute for doing the work myself. I’ve been reading and studying and watching demos (intellectual education) of paintstik application for a LONG time, but yesterday was the first opportunity I had to experiment with them myself (practical application).

It was very interesting to try rubbings from both sides of the plates.  This gives similar but different looks.

I’m not implying that one should not “educate” themselves about products or techniques.  I know the intellectual education part helps a great deal, but it is of very little real value until it is put into practical application.  An “a haaa” moment for me.

While I am quite pleased with my experiments, I still have much to learn and practice will make the results even better.  Yet, I also learned a lot more that the books couldn’t tell me…stuff that one only learns by applying the technique.  Things like how much pressure to apply to achieve “what” desired look, how the paintstik colors appear on different colors (and thicknesses) of fabric, and how the colors blend and play together.

No more excuses for me…gotta keep doing this.  It feeds my soul and it feels so good!

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