Easy On Your Eyes – Web Viewing Tip

Websites often utilize small fonts to maximize “layout” and space usage.  The small font format can run at cross purposes with customers and clients who would prefer larger print.  If you find this frustrating, there is a solution.

Do you know that most of the newer (updated) browsers allow you to adjust font size on websites to suit your preferences? 

For example, in Mozilla and Explorer (steps may vary depending upon your browser and/or version) just go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on “View”; from the dropdown select increase or decrease as you wish.

Check your email program for similar solutions.

6/2/08 update…a SewThankful eNews subscriber wrote to tell me this:

in IE 7, if you look down at the lower right corner, you will see a magnifying glass that will let you magnify a web page from 125% up to 400%. 
Love it

Thanks Karol!!