YouTube Video Find: Use Tsukineko Ink, Totally Stable & Shaving Cream

If you love the idea of Tsukineko Inks but you’re not quite sure where to begin, check out Trish Stuart’s YouTube video (below).  Need a GREAT source for Tsukineko Inks & Totally Stable?  Click here for Tsukineko Inks.  Click here for Totally Stable.

Sew Thankful also stocks Trish’s books: QuiltArt:
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Happy Mothers Day Weekend & Learning Trapunto by Machine

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms–whether by birth or by heart, Moms are a special treasure.

I found a couple fabulous Patsy Thompson YouTube Videos–and I thought you would enjoy these a LOT.  Part 1 is on top, scroll down for Part 2.  Patsy is a wonderful teacher.

Sew Thankful stocks Patsy’s DVDs on machine quilting techniques…so these will give you a great sense of her style.


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Yo-Yo Patches are SEW Cute on Jeans

Something old becomes NEW and fresh and fun!

I seem to wear my jeans forever and I’ve had this particular pair for approximately 4+ years.  Hey…I have a limited budget and what I have I’d rather spend on sewing and quilting supplies!

After all that wearing and washing, the back pockets started ripping out at the stitching and another small spot had caught on something making a tiny hole.  I couldn’t bear to throw them away so I fixed them with “special shaped” fabric yo-yos–made using Clover’s yo-yo makers–and a bit of perle cotton free-form hand stitching!  I have tested washing and drying the jeans (post-patching) to ensure stability–in fact, this picture was taken with the jeans pulled fresh from the dryer.  YAY!

YoYoPatchesClick the image to see a larger picture.

I *love how they turned out.  I never thought I could love my old jeans more, but now I do.  I’ve been thinking I may add some more to the front lower legs as a design element.

Jared & Jacob = Shadow & Tails

Jared & Jacob didn’t want any “usual” costumes this year.  They wanted to dress up as their favorite video game characters, Shadow and Tails (from Sonic the Hedge Hog game series).

When I first mentioned to the boys that I was going to make their costumes, they sort of rolled their eyes (but I think they knew better than to say anything).  I know Jared had a few reservations about how that would turn out.

Sew…keeping my Grams as my ultimate costume making inspiration…I made do with materials on hand and came up with these costumes.  I think Grams would have been very proud of what I came up with.  Gosh, I *miss* her so much!

Sew…how did I do it?  I studied the game box covers and images I found online.  Then I free hand sketched the masks.  I enlarged and transferred on to cardboard and painted the masks using whatever we had on hand, including Tempera paints, markers & Tsukineko Inks.

Here are a few pics:




We just used shirts and sweats as the base for the body of the costume. White batting “bibs” were attached where appropriate.  Jared’s (Shadow’s) head and back spikes were made using some old furry felt I had on hand.  I free hand cut, stitched & stuffed them.  The red trimming is red painters tape.

The boys were thrilled with how the costumes turned out and that was the BEST part for me.  In case you are not familiar with these characters, you can see some “official” character costumes on this page: – Shadow is the black hedgehog and Tails is the yellow fox.